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How many of you herd or seen this Neon makeup trend?   

 Would you try it?

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Good morning all.... So I love dying my hair and  doing my nails. Im accually going to be starting cosmetology classes next month. But to start you all off here are some photos of my work with out any tarining                                                                                                                                          My Unicorn   Hair

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Good Morning .....who's ready for some fun eyeshadow ideas?


 I am SOO in love with these bright neon colors! What do you think?

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Hair colorGood morning everyone. Who's ready for some fun hair color ideas?My hair My hair is kind of this way now!hair colorhair color

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Welcome! I'll Just start by saying my name is Angel. I am extremely new to blogging as well as new to running a small online business. With this blog I hope to be able to share some fun new/and old beauty , hair , and skincare ideas. Along with some tutorial videos and photos. If you have any tips , ideas , photos,videos or anytghing like that please fill free to share them. 

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